New FIFA 17 update addresses issues with Ultimate Team

The latest FIFA 17 update is now available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update is only a small 1 GB in size and mainly aims at enhancing the FIFA Ultimate Team experience. The PC version of this update has been released last week. It is next to the FUT changes in this… Read More »

FIFA 17 Tricks: Using Driven Shot and Headers Shot

One of the worst things in the game FIFA is a shot of power that can not be predictable, eg state, distance, position of the feet have been perfect but the shot power generated could slow or too hard. Luckily EA Canada has dealt with this issue, with the introduction of diven and Header Shot… Read More »

FIFA 17 Tips: Using a free kick and a corner with Style

When taking free kicks and corners of the FIFA previous versions, always give rise to a dispute between FIFA and PES user. FIFA in because the old version, free-kicks and corners can be very accurate and sometimes can be missed very much, as well as the movement of world-class players even when taking free kicks… Read More »

Dribbles and Beat the Opponent

The opponents in FIFA 17 by playing sounds easier than it really is. Dribbles offer you various opportunities to outwit a defender. And in a pinch, you can even play the ball through the legs of your opponent. How do you do that, you can read here. perform good dribbles If an opponent gets in… Read More »

FIFA 17: Powerful Tricks Make Goals from Corner Kick

If you have difficulty in scoring when a corner kick, maybe you can try this trick one. Ovvy, one of the world’s best FIFA player provides a powerful trick to score from a corner kick! The trick is quite easy, you did not need to feed the stomach toward the goal. You only need to… Read More »

FIFA 17 Tricks: Protecting the ball 360 Degrees

EA has improved in terms phisycal derastis on FIFA17 player, using technology Pushback Tech, allow that to happen. Increased phisycal like what? Now you as a user can control more than pegerakan body player. You will be able to freely control the players to dribble and protect the ball in the circumstances silent. With the… Read More »

Know the New Features of FIFA 17 – The Journey

The challenge for EA games like FIFA is how to improve the game every year beyond the addition of new jersey, new players, and the ongoing development in terms of gameplay and realism of his hand. Typically, that can be given only a small increase and it is difficult to create a surge that far.… Read More »