FIFA 16 defeat PES 2016 in the competition this year in the UK!

By | February 13, 2017

This year seems to be the glorious years for FIFA 16. How not, although both are adrift release time a week (PES 2016 first release), which are the mainstay FIFA 16 EA with a new engine Frosbite, defeated their eternal enemies that PES 2016 with record sales 1.1 million units in the UK. These results are more 40x higher than PES 2016 sales were less than 50 thousand units in the first week. Where the data obtained from the sales of games for consoles PS4 and Xbox One. A remarkable achievement and once listed the sales history of all time in the country Big Ben.

Reporting from dailystar, analysts @ZhugeEX (Daniel Ahmad) via his personal twitter account stating it directly. “FIFA 16 First Week Sales> 40x More Than PES in the UK” (Sales of FIFA 16 in the first week> 40x more than the PES in the UK). “Meanwhile, PES 2016 Can not hit 50k” (Meanwhile, PES 2016 does not even reach 50 thousand), he added in his Twitter account.

It should be recognized that for “today” is FIFA 16 that dominate the market in London, but there was still plenty of time before the title of “King” actually crowned in this year. Especially in Indonesia that the majority of football lovers digital still loyal to the PES. Whether FIFA could shift the dominance of PES in the country that for many years lived in the hearts of lovers of the game of football? Lets see!

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