How Using a free kick and a corner with Style ?

By | December 28, 2016

When taking free kicks and corners of the FIFA previous versions, always give rise to a dispute between FIFA and PES user. FIFA in because the old version, free-kicks and corners can be very accurate and sometimes can be missed very much, as well as the movement of world-class players even when taking free kicks and corners like an athlete who has lived 40 years. But EA Canada has increased for a free kick and corner in FIFA 16, so now you can do it with style.

When you get a free kick, corner and penalty, now you can use the outside leg on the players to do it by holding the L1 / LB, which allows you to make the movement of the ball that curved and round ball more on the shot. To the corner kick, now you get more control to regulate players getting the ball according to your strategy.

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